Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Pole Dancing

We are up to first floor level...and the scaffolders arrived today to turn our house into an enourmous cage of poles and planks...the Husband enquired whether I would be taking advantage of the poles? ahem, cough, splutter...horrible thought!

We collected 250 little hornbeam trees to make our new 'walled' garden...40 got planted this afternoon, and they look like they will make a good hedge...the pressure will be on to get the rest planted asap, before the roots get frosted or dry out!

Friday, 20 February 2009

Action Stations

Two years, almost to the day that we moved in...the builders arrived! Yes, I know! It's hard to believe....but we've really started!

Yup! It's concrete...not very eco, but practical for this stage of the project! The things going inside are green - heat recovery ventilation, massive insulation, Krypton filled double glazing...the list goes on!

Phase one has really begun, this phase is concrete and blockwork, covered in render - not green, but quick and is the same as the structure we are altering.

We see the new view from the sink emerging....soon my existing Kitchen will get demolished, and the new one can rise phoenix like from the dust!