Sunday, 29 June 2008


I haven't written anything for a while - at least, not on this blog.
I think I've been in a vacuum - planning went in....and like getting pregnant, there's not a great deal you can do until the times up!

I think this feeling of doldrums is a result of much head bashing against various brick walls - when you try and do something unusual people try to put barriers in your path. Using ancient build techniques shouldn't be like that....but it generally is, people are too happy to point out all the negatives.

This week we had a meeting with our lovely builder - and it looks like we could have a start date...planning permitting....and a lot of other things permitting.
We have speeded things up by spurning straw - a big and unpleasant choice to have to make - but given the choice of building this year or waiting yet another year, green 'sips' panels have won the day.

The Husband has researched some wizzy materials, so I hope when we discuss this next week with the builder he agrees that they are suitable.

Also next's the visit from the planning's  a big week ahead!


jenontheedge said...

We're using SIPs for our house (wall and roof) and we're really looking forward to seeing them installed next month. The walls will be R-24 and the roof will be R-40 -- with no thermal breaks.

Madge said...

So glad to have found your blog -- can't wait to watch and read about the progress.

Two Crofters said...

SIPS used here too!
great so far - we had no problems putting them up but make sure your building crew strap them tight before fixing to prevent any small gaps - it is not enough to just butt them up.
also take care in transit - we have had a few damaged panels :(
good luck, good luck, good luck
t x

Two Crofters said...

hope all is moving along well....

t x